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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R4  England to New Zealand 
2 R9 Allen County Library Averill Project 
3 R1 Ancestry.com French Averills 
4 R1 Ancestry.com Averill Project 
5 R2 Ancestry.com Scotland Averills 
6 R1 Ancestry.com Irish Averills 
7 R19 ancestry/.com Averill Project 
8 R8 Dallas Public Library Averill Project 
9 R10 DAR Library Averill Project 
10 R11 Family History Library Averill Project 
11 R4 familysearch.org Irish Averills 
12 R13 FamilySearch.org Averill Project 
13 R3 findmypast Scotland Averills 
14 R18 findmypast.com Averill Project 
15 R15 fold3.com Averill Project 
16 R12 Google Books Averill Project 
17 R17 Illinois State Archives Averill Project 
18 R4 NAME Family History Library ADDR 35 N. West Temple Street CONTSaltLake City, Utah 84150 C Averill Project 
19 R3 NAME Tacoma Public Library Averill Project 
20 R16 National Archives Averill Project 
21 R14 Onondaga County Public Library Averill Project 
22 R5 own copy Averill Project 
23 R6 www.ancestry.com Averill Project 
24 R1 www.ancestry.com England to New Zealand 
25 R2 www.ancestry.com Irish Averills 
26 R1 www.ancestry.com Scotland Averills 
27 R2 www.ancestry.com.au England to New Zealand 
28 R7 www.genealogy.com Averill Project 
29 R2 www.glorecords.blm.gov Averill Project