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51 1 child, lived in Fabius, MI HARWOOD Julia A. (I10051)
52 1 dau, lived in Foxcroft ME AVERILL George William (I3358)
53 1 son AVERILL Caroline Frances (I2198)
54 1 son with first husband
1 dau, 2 sons with second husband 
AVERILL Nancie Maria (I4869)
55 1. Par. Reg. of Stangsered, #182,393 ANDERSSON Nils (I669)
56 1. PR Bottnaryd #136,079
2. PR Liared # 85,769 
ERIKSSON Swen (I8921)
57 1. PR Bottnaryd #136,079
2. PR Stangsered 182,393 
SWENSSON Erik (I15345)
58 1. PR Bottnaryd 136,079
2. Mantalslangdes (tax census) 1760, 65, 70 341,271, 73, 72
3. PR Liared 85,756 85,757 85,769 
SWENSSON Erik (I15346)
59 1. Par Reg Stangsered 182,393 Hans (I9869)
60 1. Par Reg Stangsered 182,393, died at age 70 HANSSON Anders (I9891)
61 1. PR Bottnaryd #136,079 Jons (I11032)
62 1. PR Stangsered 182,303 Jons (I11031)
63 1. PR Stangsered 182,393
2, PR Bottnaryd 136,079 
JONSSON Pehr (I11063)
64 1. PR Stangsered 182,393 NILSSON Jonas (I12953)
65 1. PR Strangsered 182,393 JONASSON Jons (I10997)
66 11 Jan 1960
Rites Wednesday For Archie Flynn, Native of Gleason
Archie Flynn, Milwaukee, a native of Gleason, died Friday in the Avenue Convalescent Home in Milwaukee.
The deceased was born May 17, 1899 in Gleason to Dan and Agnes Flynn. He resided in Milwaukee since 1924.
Surviving are Harold Patterson, a cousin; Mrs. Jack Flynn, an aunt, and Mrs. Frank Grisa, a cousin, all of Gleason.
He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Margaret, who died in 1922.
Funeral services will be held at 2 pm Wednesday in the Taylor funeral home with the Rev. Theodore Arkens of Gleason officiating.
Burial will be in the Gleason Cemetery.
Mr. Flynn will be in state in the Taylor funeral home from Tuesday noon until the hour of services on Wednesday. 
FLYNN Archibald Harold (I9123)
67 1177 Grow Ave NW
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
AVERILL Charles (I2263)
68 13 February 1797 was living at Westminster, VT AVERILL Abigail (I1715)
69 1311 Lake Dr in Del Ray, FL 33444 was residence at time of death
PARKS Edna M. (I13319)
70 1671-1673 land 200 acres of upland and 10 acres meadow at Merryland in Wells

York Deed Book III Fol 11
Bee It known vnto al men by theese Presents, that I Thomas Everell of the Town of Wells, In the County of Yorke In New England, for my selfe, my heyres executors, Administrators, & Assignes, for a valewable some of Twenty pounds with other pay already received, in hand haue Covenanted barganed sould & Assignd, & made over, & by these Prsents doe grant sell aliene & make over, vnto Francis Littlefejld Senjor of Wells in the County aforesd, Two hundred Acers of vpland & tenn Acers of fresh Meddow, lijng & being in the Town shipe of Wells, at a place Commanly Called Mary Land, bounded as followeth, the Beddow begining at a little pitch pine tree marked Closs by the Meddow side, & a Maple Tree growing against It in the River, at the lower end of Fran: Littlefejlds, Junjor Meddow, & soe to runne eight scoore pooles down to the River on both sides, which is tenn Acers ye vpland to begine at the aforesd marked pine tree, at the vpper end of the sayd Meddow, & soe to runne eight scoore poooles by the Meddow, & soe along from the Meddow Westward, as It is bounded by marked trees, till two hundred Acers bee Compleated, with all the appurtenances & Commoditys there to belonging, to him the sayd Fran: Littlefejld Senjor, his heyres, executors, Administrators & Presents doe Ingage to make good the sayd Tytle to ye sayd Littlefejld his heyres or Assignes from by or vnder mee or any other / And the sayd Littlefejld is to discharge all such rents, or acknowledgmts as here after may bee demanded, by any Legall proprator, vrunto I haue set my hand & seale this Twenty thyrd day of Febru " In the yeare of our Lord Anno Dom : one Thousande six hundred seuventy three. seventy foure. Thomas Averal (his seale)
Sealed signed & Deliuerd.
In the psence of us/
Joseph Bolls/
John Cloyse his marke

Thomas Averall appeared this first of Aprill 1674: & did acknoledg this Instrument to bee his free Act & Deede, according to ye Tenor there of here in experssed, before mee Bryan Pendleton Assote:
Vera Copia of this Instrumt avoue written, transcribed, & compard with the originall this 29th day of Janvary 1676;
p Edw: Rishworth ReCor:

York County, Maine Deed Book IV Fol. 32
Received by mee John Smyth Senior of Cape Nuttacke of the Town of yorke of my sonn John Smyth Junjor rescident in ye same town & place, the iust summe of seaven pounds six shillings 13d in money the remajnder In Corne & worke vidzt In worke accepted of Thos Everell, fiuety shillings, In Corne Twenty eight shillings, payd mee tenn shillings by my sd sonn John In worke, & fourty fiue shillings after wards; I say received of my sonn John Smith the iust sum of seaven pounds six shillings, in part of payment of yt thirty pounds which was for ye Land that I sould him; by mee his father John Smith as aboueed, this 21th day of Aprill 1685: as Witness my hand or marke/
John Smith Senjor his marke

Witness, Edw : Rishworth, Mary Sayword Jujor
vera Copia of this receate trauscribed & with originall Compared this 29 : April 1685 p Edw : Rishworth Re; Cor:

York County, Maine Deed Book VI Folio 142 mentioned in Francis Littlefield deed "Lying at Merriland which I bought of Thomas Averil bounded with a little Pitch pine tree marked close by the Meadow side and a Maple tree...20 March 1682
Averill Book Notes
Is mentioned by name in Ipswich Court Records and Files: "Court, 31 :3 :1649 : "Will Avery, jr., Thomas Avery, John Aniball and Thos. Robinson, sr., for defect in watching." (See the Essex Ant.,
Vol. viii, July, 1904.)

Essex County Court papers, Vols, i-iv, pp. 339 and 360, refer -to Thomas Averill of Ipswich, debt., 1658; and "dep." 1659; Court at Ipswich; pp. 237-238, to Thomas Averill dep. 1657 (two entries), Court held at Salem, 1657.

In 1692, more than a year after the death of William Averell of Topsfield [in 1691], John Wildes of Topsfield states: "My brother Averill tried to have the accuser state his testimony against his sister" (Sarah Averill Wilde, who was accused of witchcraft).

Thomas Averell was married Dec. 8, 1657, at Ipswich, Mass., to Frances Collins {Ct. R.) . She was probably the daughter of John Collins of Salem, 1643, and of Gloucester, 1646, who had two sons and two daughters (Hist, of Gloucester) .

The Collins and Averell families were associated with each other later. March, 1640, "thomas Aueril" associated with Mr. Hobbs "on Mr. brodstreets land," was rated, £01.14.02 ; and this Thomas Averell, of Topsfield, had a dau. Sarah, b. March 23, 1666 (Ct. R. Topsfield, Vital Statistics). He was rated in
Topsfield in 1668: Thos. Avery at £00.04.03 (will Avery at £00.06.00; John Wilds at £00.13.00). This is the last Essex Co. Record.

Oct. 20, 1671, he was at Wells, County York, Province of Maine.

Abstracts from deeds recorded for that county (and now found at Alfred, Me.) show that he had land at Wells 1671, '6, '80; and at Cape Neddick, 1680-9; and later. Other records show that before his death, which was before Apr. 7, 1714, he had been at Jebano (Scarborough), and had removed from there to York and back to Cape Neddick, and had at last returned to York, which was his place of residence at the time of his death.

His wife, whose name does not appear after their marriage on any records found up to this date, appears to have died soon after her husband, certainly before Apr. 9, 1726, when her son Job Averil renders his account as admr. of his father's estate.

It is not thirty miles in direct line from Cape Neddick to Kennebunkport (Arundel and Cape Porpoise), where Thomas Averill had some nephews; and Wells is between these two towns, but closer to Cape Neddick. At the extremity of Cape Neddick is the Nubble - a noted barren rock which is an island at high water. This and the Old Man of the Sea, on the Northern coast of Cape Neddick, are attractions for visitors at York, which is close to the Cape.

We give the following abstracts from deeds recorded for County York, which relate to the above Thomas Averell:
(Deeds of Co. York at Alfred, Me. Book iii, Fol. 11, 1673-4).
I Thomas Everell of the Town of Wells, in the county of York in New England for myself my heyres executors .... for a valewable some of twenty pounds with other pay already received in hand, have
covenanted barganed sould .... unto Francis Littlefield Senjo r of Wells two hundred acers of upland and tenn acers of fresh meddow lijing and being in the Townshipe of Wells ... at a place commonly called Mary Land .... (Signed) Thomas Averall.

Wit's - Joseph Bolls - John Cloyse.

Ack'd by Thomas Averall Apl. 1, 1674 before Bryan Pendleton
Rec. Feb. 26, 1676.
(This land was purchased from Jonathan Hamons, Oct. 20, 1671. Co. York Deeds, Book iii, Fol. 11).

Quit claim of the above land sold by Thomas Averell was endorsed on deed by "Thomas Everell," when he made over the land to Fran. Littlefield, "with the consent of his wife" (whose name is not given), Feb. 26, 1676.

N. B. Feb. 23, 1673. John Cloyce and Elizabeth his wife sell land to John Manning "at a place called Totnucke in the Townshipp of Wells lying in the .... Prcells - about a quarter of a mile from Thos. Everell's house."

York P. R. Alfred, Me. Vol. ii. p. 91. 1707-1718:
Adm'n of Estate of Thomas Averill.
To Job Averill of York in the County of York, greeting.
Whereas yo'r Father Thomas Averill late of York aforesaid deceased having while he Lived and at ye time of his decase goods chattels rights or credits in ye County afores'd lately Dyed Intestate whereby ye power of committing administration full Disposition of all and Singular . . . . doth appertain unto me . . . . I do by these presents commit unto you full power to administer all and Singular the goods of sd deceased .... you to render an inventory .... the 7th of October in this year 1714.
Yorke, April 7, 1714. Ichabod Plaisted.
P. R. Vol. ii. p. 94. 1707-1718.
Inventory of Estate of Thomas Averill late of Yorke; dec.
Yorke, April 4, 1714.
To his wearing clothes £ 3.10. -
“ 1 horse 2. - . -
“ 1 cou 3.10. -
“ old Iron 16. -
“ 1 grindstone & gridiron 6. -
“ 1 adds 1. 3
“ 126 acres of land and Marsh 63.00.00
“ 1 old house and an old counue (?) 1. - . -
£74. 1 . 3
Appraisers Lewis Bane, Rich'd Milberry, Samll Came
Job Avarall administrator made oath that the above was correct
April 7, 1714 before Ichabod Plaisted
N. B, As Thomas Averill and his wife had lived about seven years with their son Job, this inventory probably covers only a certain part of the possessions not in use in Job's family.

Co. York, P. R. Vol. iii. p. 222. 1719-1728.
Jan. 26, 1725/6
To the Hon. John Wheeltight Esq., Judge of the Probate of Wills . . ... Co. York . . .
The Humble motion and Aplication of Benjamin Averill of Glocester in the County of Essex mariner, of Ebenezer Lufkin of sd Glocester, in sd County Planter and Sarah Lufkin his wife sheweth that the sd Benjamin Averell and Sarah Lufkin with our Elder Brother Job Averil of York in the County of York Fisherman are the only Surviving children of our Father Thomas Averill late of said York fisherman who dyed intestate and that our Sd Brother Job Averill eleven years agoe did take administration on our sd Father's Estate as pr Records appears Yett nevertheless doth unjustly delay and neglect to bring his account of administration in to your Honour that so a Settlement might be made thereof and our Part Might be sett off to us by an equall Distribution as the Law Derects by which delay we are extremely Damnified. We therefore Humbly Pray that your Honour would be Pleased to send forth your citation to the said administrator to oblige him to come and finish his accounts with your Honour that so the said Estate may be Settled and Distributed according to Law.
And in as much as we the aforesaid Benjamin Averell Ebenezer Lufkin and Sarah Lufkin do dwell at a considerable Distance from ye sd County of York when your Honour holds the Court of Probate we do hereby nominate . . . . our friend Mr Jacob Curtice of York aforesd carpenter, to be our Lawful Attorney.
Jan. 26, 1725/6.
Signed Benj'' Averill
Ebenezer Lufkin
Wit's - Sarah Lufkin
Thomas Bray
Esther Seargeant
Jan. 27, 1725. Benjamin Averill ack. the above and also
Ebenezer Lufkin before
Ephes Seargent, Justice of Peace.
Charles Frost Regist'r.
Co. York, P. R. Vol. iii. p. 223. 1719-1728.
Ad'n of The Estate of Thomas Averill dec'd:
To Jacob Curtice attorney to Benjamin Averill and Ebenezer and Sarah Lufkin children of sd Thomas Averill, £7.18.8,
allowed Oct. 4. 1726.
Vol. iii. p. 223. 1726.
John Wheelright, esq. Judg-e of Probate, To Messrs Samll Sewall, Daniel Simpson, Ebenezer Coburne, John Wells and Eliakim Wardwell all of York . , . . Whereas Mr Job Averill administrator on ye estate of Mr Thomas Everill Late of York dec'd, having issued and made up his account of administration on sd Estate, and application being made by ye Heirs of ye Said Thomas Averill that there be a division made of ye estate of the sd Thomas Averill according to the Law. These are therefore to app't you to make a just Distribution of ye Surplusages or Remaining goods and Estate as well real as Personall in manner following (Consideration to be had of any who had any estate by settlement of the Intestate in his life time) and equal division and distribution to be made except the surviving issue of ye eldest son dec'd, who you shall order two shares or a double portion of ye whole. To Return acc't by Oct. 3. next ensuing.
Kittery ye 27'" day of August 1726.
(Signed) John Wheelright
Co. York Probate. Vol. iii. p. 224. 1726.
Account of Commissioners appointed Aug. 27, 1726, on distribution of Estate of Mr. Thomas Everill late of York, dec'd.
"We have divided the real estate of sd Thomas Everill (there being no personal small estate to be found) as Followeth:
1st We have laid out to the Heirs of Job Averill Dec'd the oldest son of ye said Thomas Everill a tract of land on the Neck below the way that leads from Cape Neddock to Wells, comonly called "Averills Neck" and bounded as followeth; Northwestwardly by ye old way southwestwardly by Land now in ye Possession of Eliakim Wardwell, SouthEast and NorthEast by ye Sea -round to the southwest end of ye Beach next to ye Eastward of ye house where ye sd Job Averill lately lived, and also part of the land on the Northwest side of ye sd way part on the common.
Secondly, we have laid out to Benjamin Averill the other son of the sd Thomas Averill Dec'd ... a lott of land (bounds) for his single share.
Lastly we have laid out to Sarah Lufkin the Daughter of ye sd Dec'd for her single share the residue of the said tract of land divided as followeth….
Oct. 3. 1726. (Signed) Daniel Simpson, John Wells
Ebenr Cobourne, Eliakim Wardwell
Samll Sewall
Ack. same date before Judge Wheelright

Co. York P. R. Vol. iii. 1719-1728.
(Thomas Averill: admn.)
The Account of Job Averil of York admr on the estate of his Father Thomas Averil late of York dec'd
To Removing his father and Mother from Jebano to Cape Neddick in a sloop with his household goods and stock £ 6.00.00
To Removing my father and family from Cape Neddick to York,
and sometime after removing him and his family from York to Cape Neddick £ 3.00.00
To Taking Care and supplying my father and Mother in their old
age about seven years in ye time of ye War* £21.00.00
To Expense on my father in his last Sickness and his funeral 3.00.00
To taking care of my Mother and Providing necessaryes in the
Time of her old Age until her Death, near one year and her funeral Expenses £13.00.00
To taking Administration charges in taking the Inventory with
my Extraordinary Trouble in Administration 6.00.00
Job Averil was allowed £52.00.00 by the Court, April 9, 1726.

The great Massacre at York was Feb. 5, 1692, when one hundred and sixty known persons and many others were taken into captivity. The old jail of 1653 and the old McIntire garrison house of the same period are both still standing in York.
The names of all of the children of Thomas (No. 3) Averell and Frances Collins, his wife, are not known to us. Of those who were living at the time of the settlement of the father's estate in 1714 to 1728, York County Court Records have given us some knowledge. They were:
i Essex Reg. Book vii p. 18. 1703: Abstract;

I Thomas LufkinSer., To my son Ebenezer Lufkin carpenter with consent of my wife Mary, give him after our death my home that we now dwell in with homestead and land belonging thereto (18 acres in Township of Gloucester bounded N. E. by the Ipswich line - all other sides bounded by Gloucester Commons) ; also all my part of that pond of Meadow formerly called Haskall's Mill Pond (5 or 6 acres), granted by the town of Gloucester to me.
Jan. 8. 1699. Ack. in Ipswich. Thomas Lufkin.
Wit's Thomas Lufkin Jr.

* The Samuel, Joseph and John mentioned in the following records were probably the children of Thomas (No. 3), as they were all of York.

Suffolk Co. Mass. P. R. for 1691, No. 1785, Vol. 8. pp. 154, 181. Admn Samuel Averell

By Samuel Sewall Esq', Isaac Addington Assist.

January 16, 1690-1. Power of Admin to all and singular of the Goods Chattels rights and Creditts of the Estate of Samuel Averil late of Yorke who died in Boston is granted unto Joseph Averill his Brother he bringing over an Inventory of the decet's Estate and giving bond to administer the same according to Law.
Attesr (being present)
Joseph Webb (Clerk)

(No record of the inventory is found in Suffolk Adm'ns. It is possible that it may be found at Alfred, Me., in York Co. Adm'ns) [This Samuel and Joseph were too old to have been the sons of William (No. 9)].
** Yo7'k Deeds. Jan. 16. 1698, John Every witnesses a record of William Hilton Ser., and Arthur Beal of York, Me. And Job "Avory" or "Averall" and Edward Beal testify 1712 to an act of W"' Hilton Ser. & Co.
York Co. Deeds, Alfred, Me. Book iii. Fol. 87. June 5, 1680.

I Andrew Everest of the Town of Yorke in the Province of Mayne in New England… sould unto Thomas Everell of Wells a certain tract of upland and marsh comanly called at Pond Marsh in the way which goeth from Cape Nuttacke to Wells . . . with the consent of (my wife) Barbary Everest ….
June 5, 1680.
Book iii. Fol. 132. July 10, 1683.
Deed from Peter Weare Sr. of Neck containing 27 acres on East side of Cape Neddick river in York … to Thomas Everell some tyms of Wells (consideration £14). the tract of land lying and being about one mile on the Eastward side of Cape Nuddacke River, beginning on the South side of a small pond of water

July 10, 1683.; Also B. v. Folio 109, in deed of Peter Ware of Cape Nedick, 28 day - , 1687, the land of Thomas Avery of Cape Nedick is mentioned.
Book viii. p. 176. Oct. 10, 1689.
I Thomas Averell of Cape Nuduck in ye Co. of York in the Province of Maine Planter do sell to Francis Littlefield Sen'r of the Town of Wells … a certain land commonly known by the name of Tatnack about
6 miles from the Town of Wells … two hundred acres
Oct. 10, 1689. (Signed) Thomas Averell.
(Frances Littlefield was from Ipswich, Essex Co., Mass., as is shown by the next deed to the above in York Co. Deeds, Book viii.) 
AVERELL Thomas (I1625)
71 1790 only had one son
1800 sons, one under 10, one 10-16
1810 sons, one under 10, one 10-16
Clara says born in Milford, pension record says Amhurst, Milford didn't form until 1782, Mont Vernon 1803
1820 Wilton census has males 1 16-18, 2 16-26, 1 <45, females 1 >10, 3 10-16, 1 <45
1830 census he was 70-80, 1840 he was 80-90 making him born between 1750-1760

He was quite a problem for Clara Avery ; but it is believed that the records here given as the result of much correspondence, personal interviews with descendants, and search of various records (deeds and probate records) will prove to be correct.
The chief reason for questions appears to have arisen from the separation of the father and his son of the same name: the son being brought up by a cousin.
The First United States Census - 1790 - gives us Moses Averill as head of a family at "Wilton Town," N. H., with one son under sixteen years of age and three white females including the head of the family, probably his wife, his dau. Sally and a helper.

From the Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C, April 5, 1901, we have the following : -
Moses Averill, Enlisted Jan'y 1776, for 1 year, as private, under Capt. David Keith, Col. Paul Dudley Sargent, Mass.; and he enlisted 1780 for 6 mos. as private, officers not named - but in Mass. He was engaged in the battle of White Plains, and his residence at Enlistment was Amherst, N. H.
He applied for a pension April 22, 1818, and at that date was a resident of Wilton, Maine. His age at date of application was 57 years .
His claim was allowed. His widow did not apply for a pension. In an affidavit made in 1820 he said his family consisted of his wife Eunice, aged 53; son Luther, 16; daughters Alice, 14; Lucinda, 11; Virtue, 8. It is not shown whether his wife survived him.
(Signed) H. Clay Evans, Commissioner.

NH State Papers, Rev. Rolls, Lieut. Jonathan Burton's Diary, give:
Moses Averill, enlisted at Amherst, N. H., 12 July, 1779. N. H. Regt. Col. Mooney; Pay roll, Capt. Nathan Bullard's Co., raised out of Col. Nichol's Regt. of Militia, which Co. marched from Amherst and Wilton for Ticonderoga on the Alarm, June 29, 1777; Pay roll, Capt. John Goss's Co. of Militia in Capt. Nichol's Regt., Gen. Starks; Pay roll, Capt. Dan. Emerson's Co., Col. Mooney's Regt.; Moses "Averhill", drummer; (pp. 74, 210, 664, 670, 682, N. H. State Papers, Rev. Roll). 1779 July 26, Pd. to Moses Averill (Avrill) a sum ordered paid by Selectmen of Duxbury School Farm and Mill Slip (N. H.) with receipt for same.
Moses Averell, of Amherst, N. H., Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C, 5th. Regt. Moses Nichols, 1779, Abiel Livermore's Hist, of Wilton, N. H. states that Moses Averill lived at Amherst until the close of the Rev. War; he was in Capt. Nathan Ballard's Co., at Alarm, June 29, 1777 (14 days);
Capt. John Goss's Co. at battle of Bennington, 2 mos. 9 days: Enl. 12 July 1779 to serve 6 mos. in N. H. Regt. for defence of R. I. Disc. Jan. 8, 1780. In Wilton about the close of the War, and taxed here (at Wilton) 1802. His wife Mary, d. April 30, 1794.
(This Hist, records the names of three children which will be given later.)
Mr. Clinton Spalding Averill, who collected with great care as much data as he could of the Amherst Averills, and gave a copy of his records to one who has given them to the Editor, states in his notes that Moses Averill, m. (1) Nancy Parker; and m. (2) July 27, 1786, Mary Bridges of Wilton, N. H., dau. of John and Mary (--- ) Bridges. She d. April 30, 1794, at Wilton (as given above). Moses, his son, b. Jan. 26, 1785, has been called a nephew, and son of a brother of Moses (Ebenezer). The descendants of his brother David speak of their uncle Moses who lived at Wilton, Me.; and as no other Moses of Amherst has been found to make us question the various statements about the identity of Moses of Wilton, Me., with Moses (Ebenezer) Averill of Amherst, we conclude they are one. Also, that he m. (3) Eunice , at or near Wilton, where he resided, cannot be disputed. Records show that he had a son Moses, the younger, who lived in Wilton, Me.

DAR Application
Capt. David Keith
Pension record S36900 - 1818 was 58, born in Amhurst, NH
From History of Wilton by Abiel Abbot Livermore
Moses Averill lived in Amherst until abouth the close of the Revolutionary War. He was in Capt. Nathan Ballard's company at the alarm of June 29, 1777, and served fourteen days. He was in capt. John Goss's company at the battle of Benninton, and served two months and nine days. He enlisted July 12, 1779, to serve six months and nine days. He enlisted July 12, 1779, to serve six months in teh New Hampshire regiment for the defence of Rhode Island, and was discharged Jan. 8, 1780. He came about the close of the war to Wilton, and was last taxed here in 1802. His wife, Mary, d. April 30, 1794. Children: 1. Mary, b. May 28, 1787 2. Jonathan Bridges, b. April 17, 1780; m, Feb 23, 1813, Olive Foster. 3. Sarah, b. May 11, 1792
AVERILL Moses (I4854)
72 1800 census 3 sons 1790-1800, 2 sons 1784-1790 he was greater than 45, 1 dau 1784-1790, 1 1774-1784, wife 1755-1774 AVERELL Ebenezer (I986)
73 1806 - Onandago Co, NY

1820 - 1 white male 26-45, females, 1 under 10, 1 26-35

1830 - males 1 5-10, 1 20-30, 2 40-50, 1 50-60, females 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 30-40

He lived Oct. 21, 1806, in Onandaga Co., N. Y., at which time 600 acres of land in Cicero (Onandaga Co.), on the Military tract known as No. 65, were conveyed to him by Stephen Eno of Duchess Co., N. Y., per Joseph Brush, atty. This deed was witnessed by Elisha Averill. Jan. 8, 1807, Elisha Averill proved that he knew sd Brush and saw him execute the sd indenture as attorney for sd Eno. Leman was living Aug. 20, 1821.
AVERILL, Lemon (201)* Portland Sketches
Came from Sungerfield, N.Y. and lived in town five to six years, keeping a
tavern on the well-known McKennie place, commencing in 1825. Mrs. A. was b.in Fairfield, Herkimer county, this state in 1793. They removed from Portland. to Westfield and from there to Ripley, where Mr. Averill d. in July 1839, and was bu. in Westfield. He was a lawyer by profession and for several years was a justice of the peace in Westfield. He was an Episcopalian and politically a Whig. Mrs. A. d. in Ripley, May 9, 1867, and was bu. there.
Family of Mr. and Mrs. Averill
FRANCES: b. in 1822; m. Elizur Webster Jr.; settled in Ripley; d. there Sept., 1862.
JACKSON L.: b. in 1823; m. and settled in San Francisco, California.
JAMES: b. in 1825; d. 1828.
ADELAIDE: b. in 1833; m. Henry Brockway in Ripley; settled there.
JANETTE: b. in 1836; m. Edwin Sexton and settled in Westfield. 
AVERILL Lyman R. (I4467)
74 1810 5 sons, 4 daus
1820 5 sons, 2 daus
at least total 7 sons, 4 daus
so minus 1 dau and 1 son there is a Seth Averill in 1830 Frankfort, ME
William has two 20-30
should death date for Samuel be bef 1828 
AVERILL Samuel, Jr. (I5316)
75 1820 census has him 26-45 birth between 1775-1794
1830 census 30-40 1790-1800 
AVERELL John David (I1262)
76 1820 Grand Isle, VT males 1 under 10 John, 1 10-16, 1 16-18, 1 26-45, females 2 under 10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45

1830 Chazy, Clinton Co, NY males 1 under 5 Elijah, 1 5-10 William, 1 10-15 John, 1 20-30, 1 40-50 females 1 under 5, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50

1840 Clinton, Co, NY males 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 20-30, 1 50-60
females 1 10-15, 1 50-60 
AVERILL Rex (I5142)
77 1830 1 to 5 Stephen (1)-3 5-10 William (9) -1 10-15 (Lewis 10)-0-1 20-30-1 30-40
1840 1 to 5 Riley (4)-1 5-10 John (6)-2 10-15 James (10) & Stephen (1)-3 15-20 William (19)-0-0-1 40-50-0-1 60-70-1 70-80 
AVERILL Stephen (I5487)
78 1830 1-1-0-1-2-0-0-1-0-1 (70-80) 0-1-2-0-0-1 - Carr Averill 5 doors down 1-1-1-1-2-0-1 0-0-1-2-1-0-1 AVERELL Moses (I1431)
79 1830 70-80 both husband and wife AVERILL Ebenezer, Jr. (I2712)
80 1830 census 2 1825-1830 Edward, 1 1820-1825 Charles, 1 1815-1820 Leverit
1840 census 2 sons 1830-1835, 2 sons 1825-1830
of Davenport, IA at wife Marilla's death in 1843 
AVERILL Gideon (I3386)
81 1830 had 6 sons no daughters AVERELL James (I1203)
82 1830 Shelburne, Vermont males 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 20-30, 1 60-70, female 1 15-20, 1 20-30, 1 50-30
from pension record
served in war as a private & Fife Major in Co. commanded by Capt.. Bromion, Col Warmer in Chittenden, VT Wyamn, aged 70 on 17 April 1832 and answered questionnaire from Shelburne, Vermont 
AVERILL Wyman (I5873)
83 1830- 1-0-1-0-0-0-1 0-1-1-0-0-1 AVERILL Luther (I4442)
84 1833 lived in Missouri AVERELL Bersheba (I886)
85 1840 1-1-1-0-0-1 1-0-0-0-0-0-1 AVERILL Luther (I4440)
86 1840 80-90, wife 60-70 AVERILL Moses (I4854)
87 1840 census Nantucket, Nantucket Co, MA pg 413 as 20-30 white male (Roland), 2 daughters under 5 (unknown) and wife 20-30 (Hannah)

per death records was a merchant in Nantucket 
POLLARD Roland, Jr. (I13784)
88 1840 census Westminster, Windham, VT 1 son under 5, 1 son 5-10 next door to brother in law David Averill WRIGHT Harriet (I17064)
89 1841 High Street, Bordesley, Tailor
1861 Living at 132 High Street,Bordesley - Tailor aged 50, Has servant named Mary Stanton of Liverpool 
AVERILL Charles Hicks (I1168)
90 1850 has child's name as Matilda 4 months old and a child Mary Lavina 11 AVERILL Reuben Hyde Walworth (I5141)
91 1851 Census
1861 Census - Painter, living at 119 Adderley Street, Aston , Birmingham 
AVERILL James (I1197)
92 1860 U.S. census, population schedule. NARA microfilm publication M653, 1,438 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d. Source (S34)
93 1860 U.S. census, population schedule. NARA microfilm publication M653, 1,438 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d. Source (S706)
94 1861 - Inmate Union Workhouse, Great Hampton & Little Hampton, Worcs - Tailor
1871 - Inmate Union Workhouse, Great Hampton & Little Hampton, Worcs - Tailor

Separate note by June Averill (ex Brian Averill) notes a Leonard Averill baptised in Moseley 9 June 1797 with no mention of Richard Averill 
AVERILL Richard (I1220)
95 1870 Source (S1103)
96 1870 US census Oshkosh Ward 2, Winnebago Co, WI pgs 249-250 as 30 you saw mill hand Baden, Amelia 24 Saxony, Willie 2m WI

family on 1880 US census in Harrison Calumet Co, WI pg 90 as 40 yo farmer Baden, wife Amelia 39, Prussia, William 10, Albert 2, Robert 1 WI 
RICKER Andreas (I14178)
97 1871 Census

1891 12 Keeley Street Birmingham - Brass Founder ( Born Whitechapel London ??) 
AVERILL Isaac (I1193)
98 1871 Census - stepson ALLDRIDGE Thomas Hawkings (I1152)
99 1881 7 Charley's Buildings Kings Norton Parish - Brass founder b Bimingham - ww AVERILL George (I1186)
100 1881 aged 71 - 46 Union Road Nottingham AVERILL Thomas (I1234)

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